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Canine hydrotherapy at Tip-Top - the best possible choice for a caring, knowledgeable and professional service.

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Click here to download a veterinary referral form

Hydrotherapy for medical conditions.

We all know that warm water soothes aching limbs, and helps us to unwind and relax, and it’s just the same for our dogs. The 30 degree temperature of our pool will help to relax muscles, it expands the surface blood vessels which helps to decrease pain and inflammation, and this can ultimately help to increase mobility for your dog.

Swelling is reduced by the hydrostatic pressure of water, because as the water presses on the affected area it reduces the build up of fluid. We will design an exercise program specifically for your dog and with better circulation and reduced swelling your dog will feel better and mobility will improve.

Pre-surgery exercise

Dogs are often on a reduced exercise regime prior to surgery, and this can quickly cause muscle wastage and lack of fitness. This means that recovery after surgery will be slow, whilst muscles and joints get back into action. A course of hydrotherapy before surgery will keep your dog fitter, and recovery time will be shorter and less arduous.

Stress free joints

The buoyancy provided by water is a wonderful mobility aid, and can provide quality exercise without any stress to joints. Where exercise is restricted following surgery, or because of an ongoing medical problem, hydrotherapy can provide a stimulating and highly effective solution, giving your dog the exercise he needs without risk of stress or strain.

Obesity and the elderly

For dogs with a weight problem, and for older dogs, the benefits of a non-weight bearing exercise program can be invaluable. Giving heart and lungs a controlled work-out is not only good for their physical fitness - it can  improve mental wellbeing too.

Fitness training

There is probably no exercise as good for your dog as a regular fitness swim. We can tailor a program to bring your dog up to peak performance when you need it, and keep him in perfect condition.

Competition dogs, or dogs with an active day job can often suffer muscles strain and injury to limbs. The quickest way to get your dog back to working fitness is with a controlled hydrotherapy fitness program.

Before starting treatment we must receive a signed veterinary referral form - simply download a form from the link at the top of this page and ask your vet to sign it, or, ask your veterinary practice to download for you.       07816 238316 or 01458 210207 FAX 0844 7391070

0844 7391070  

0844 7391070  

0844 7391070  

The hydrotherapy Centre at Tip-Top has been created to meet the high standard of design and quality we demand from all our facilities. The pool has a unique lock entry system, so that introducing a dog to the pool is virtually stress free compared to a standard ramp or hoist. Our hydrotherapist is extremely experienced in handling dogs, having been involved in all aspects of dog care for many years. Don’t worry if your dog is not too keen on water,  the underwater treadmill doesn’t involve swimming. Most dogs are suitable for hydrotherapy, even if they don’t like water - call Christina for more information.

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Tip-Top is a member of the Canine hydrotherapy association. That means you can be sure of a top quality service, and your insurance company will approve  us as your treatment provider.