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Tip-Top Dog Training

Puppy Training and Socialisation - We have a great class for puppies.  We usually have three trainers present so  everyone gets some individual attention. We spend half the session working on socialisation exercises  so that your puppy learns how to be confident and friendly with other dogs. Held on Monday evenings - call to check if we have free spaces.

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First stage obedience - This class is run alongside the puppy class, so that we can easily transfer dogs or puppies to a more demanding lesson if required. The accent is on training for good behaviour and social skills. We all want our dog to be a good citizen, and this is a great way to achieve your goal.

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Individual Lessons - If you prefer to have lessons tailor made to your requirements, then Christina can give you half hour one to one sessions. Ideal for dogs which don’t work well in a group and for training up to the level needed to join a class.

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Obedience Rally - Our “next stage” obedience classes have now been re-modelled as Rally classes. This is because we think that the added challenge this new sport brings to teaching obedience is great  …. It’s fun for owners, and gives our dogs plenty of new things to think about. If you would like to know more, give us a call and come along to watch a class in action.

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Fun Agility - Our fun agility classes are exactly that - fun! We will teach dog and owner from scratch and most partnerships can be up to the standard required to join a friendly class within two months. Handlers are taught correct handling skills right from the start, so that if they decide to take things a bit more seriously at a later stage - there are no bad habits to hinder progress. Most breeds of dog can grasp the basics, but for group membership a social disposition is required. We can get you started with a series of one to one lessons where all that’s required is a little basic obedience. Call Christina for more information.

Competition Agility - one to one lessons for those who are competing or who would like to compete ……

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